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序号 年度 作者姓名(生科院教师,跟后面第一或通讯身份对应) 论文标题 发表期刊 期刊收录情况 第一作者/通讯作者 发表年月 影响因子 第一作者 文章类型 第一单位 JCR分区
1 2016 徐安龙 Discovery of an Active RAG Transposon Illuminates the Origins of V(D)J Recombination CELL  SCI 通讯作者 2016.6.1 36.216 Shengfeng Huang、Xin Tao、 Shaochun Yuan 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
2 2017 徐安龙 The role of alternative polyadenylation in the antiviral innate immune response  NATURE COMMUNICATIONS  SCI 通讯作者 2017.02 11.878 Xin Jia、 Shaochun Yuan、王遥 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
3 2017 续洁琨 Ent -abietane diterpenoids and their probable biogenetic precursors from the roots of Euphorbia fischeriana RSC Advances EI 通讯作者 2017 3.361 Jia Zhang、Jun He 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
3 2018 徐安龙 Crosstalk between alternative polyadenylation and miRNAs in the regulation of protein translational efficiency GENOME RESEARCH SCI 通讯作者 2018-11-18 9.944 Yonggui Fu、 Liutao Chen  研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
4 2018 王建勋  Histone demethylase LSD1 regulates hematopoietic stem cells homeostasis and protects from death by endotoxic shock Proceedings of the National Academy of Science SCI 通讯作者、第一作者 2018.1 9.58 王建勋 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
5 2018 徐文娟 Dose-dependent target diversion of Danhong injection on the Glu-GLT-1/Gly-GlyR alpha dynamic balance module of cerebral ischemia PHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH SCI 通讯作者 2018.12.28 5.574 徐文娟 研究型论文 北中医 Q1
6 2018 王旭 Developmental Reorganization of the Core and Extended Face Networks Revealed by Global Functional Connectivity CEREBRAL CORTEX SCI 第一作者 2018.12.28 5.437 王旭 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
8 2018 刘颖 The Research Progress of Chalcone Isomerase (CHI) in Plants Molecular Biotechnology EI 通讯作者 2018 2.695 Yan-chao Yin 综述 北中医生科院 Q3
8 2019 续洁琨 Fischernolides A−D, four novel diterpene-based meroterpenoid scaffolds with antitumor activities from Euphorbia fischeriana. Organic Chemistry Frontiers SCI 通讯作者 2019.8.13 5.076 Zhang, Jia、He, Jun 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
9 2019 徐安龙  Transposon molecular domestication and the evolution of the RAG recombinase NATURE SCI 通讯作者 2019.5 43.02 Yuhang Zhang、 Tat Cheung Cheng 研究型论文 Yale Sch Med, Dept Immunobiol, New Haven, CT 06510 USA Q1
10 2019 徐安龙 Mitochondria-localised ZNFX1 functions as a dsRNA sensor to initiate antiviral responses through MAVS NATURE CELL BIOLOGY  SCI 通讯作者 2019.11 17.728 王遥 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
11 2019 徐安龙 Generation of hepatobiliary organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells  JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY  SCI 通讯作者 2019.06 18.9 Fenfang Wu、Di Wu、Yong Ren 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
12 2020 徐安龙 Functional regulation of an ancestral RAG transposon ProtoRAG by a trans-acting factor YY1 in lancelet Nat Commun SCI 通讯作者  2020. 1.9 12.121 Song Liu、Shaochun Yuan 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
13 2020 徐安龙  Functional requirement of terminal inverted repeats for efficient ProtoRAG activity reveals the early evolution of V(D)J recombination Natl Sci Rev SCI 通讯作者  2020. 2 16.693 Xin Tao, 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
14 2020 徐安龙  RNA-binding protein RALY reprogrammes mitochondrial metabolism via mediating miRNA processing in colorectal cancer.  Gut SCI 通讯作者  2020. 11 19.819   Lei Sun, Arabella Wan  研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
15 2020 王如峰 In vitro nephrotoxicity induced by herb-herb interaction between Radix Glycyrrhizae and Radix Euphorbiae Pekinensis Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity SCI 通讯作者 2020.5.28 5.076 Chen, Meng 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
16 2020 王其艳 TFEB NF KB inflammatory signaling axis: a novel therapeutic pathway of dihydrotanshinone I in doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity Journal of experimental & clinical cancer research SCI 共同第一作者 2020.6.9 7 Wang, Xiaoping、王其艳 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
17 2021 王婧筱 Distinct and overlapping roles of Hippo effectors Yap and Taz during human and mouse hepatocarcinogenesis Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology SCI 共同第一作者 2021.4.17 7.076 Wang, Haichuan、王婧筱 研究型论文 四川大学 Q1
18 2021 华茜 The novel glycyrrhetinic acid–tetramethylpyrazine conjugate TOGA induces anti-hepatocarcinogenesis by inhibiting the effects of tumor-associated macrophages on tumor cells  Pharmacological Research SCI 通讯作者 2021.1.20 5.893 Wang, Xue,谭琰,Zhang, Yali 研究型论文 北中医 Q1
19 2021 王旭 Artificial intelligence in tongue diagnosis: Using deep convolutional neural network for recognizing unhealthy tongue with tooth-mark Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal SCI 第一作者 2021.1.27 6.018 王旭 研究型论文 北中医 Q1
20 2021 鲁放
Carbon dots with positive surface charge from tartaric acid and m-aminophenol for selective killing of Gram-positive bacteria
Journal of materials chemistry. B SCI 通讯作者 2021.1.25 5.344 Huibo Wang、鲁放 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
21 2021 李亚东,史渊源 Tianlongkechuanling Inhibits Pulmonary Fibrosis Through Down-Regulation of Arginase-Ornithine Pathway  Frontiers in pharmacology SCI 通讯作者 2021.4.22 5.81 Lili Zhang, 曲思昊 JCR1区 北中医生科院 Q1
22 2021 华茜 Effect of cultivation ages on anti-inflammatory activity of a new type of red ginseng.  Biomed Pharmacother.  SCI 通讯作者 2021.3.14 6.529 徐新房 研究型论文 北中医 Q1
23 2021 徐安龙 Berberine-Based Heterogeneous Linear Supramolecules Neutralized the Acute Nephrotoxicity of Aristolochic Acid by the Self-Assembly Strategy ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES SCI 通讯作者 2021.7.21 9.229 王鹏龙,郭文博,黄光瑞,甄建华 研究型论文 北中医 Q1
24 2021 王旭 Behavioral and neural correlates of social network size: The unique and common contributions of face recognition and extraversion Journal of Personality SCI 第一作者 2021.9 5.117 王旭 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
25 2021 张越 The neuroprotective efect of pretreatment
with carbon dots from Crinis Carbonisatus
(carbonized human hair) against cerebral
ischemia reperfusion injury
Journal of Nanobiotechnology SCI 共同第一作者 2021.8.28 10.43 张越、 Suna Wang、鲁放 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
26 2021 石冰洁、王建勋 Characterization of the Therapeutic Effects of Novel Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells Targeting CD38 on Multiple Myeloma Front
SCI 通讯作者 2021.8.26 6.24 Li, Xiaorui、 Yaru Feng 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
27 2021 石冰洁、王建勋 Novel BCMA-OR-CD38 tandem-dual chimeric antigen receptor T cells robustly control multiple myeloma Oncoimmunology SCI 通讯作者 2021.1.1 8.11 Feng, Yaru 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
28 2021 卢涛 Deep fusion learning facilitates anatomical therapeutic chemical recognition in drug repurposing and discovery Briefings in bioinformatics SCI 通讯作者 2021.11 11.622 Wang, Xiting 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
29 2021 卢涛 PNS protects brain against ischemic injury by acting as an antagonist for AGE/RAGE signaling Clinical and Translational Medicine SCI 通讯作者 2021.1 11.49 Wang, Chunguo 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
30 2021 卢涛 Geographic, gender and seasonal variation of diabetes: a nationwide study among 1.4 million participants The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism SCI 通讯作者 2021 5.958 Chunguo Wang, Xinqi Deng,  研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
31 2021 鲁放 Edible and highly biocompatible nanodots from natural plants for the treatment of stress gastric ulcers
natural plants for the treatment of stress gastric
Nanoscale SCI 第一作者 2021.4.14 7.79 鲁放 研究型论文 苏州大学 Q1
32 2021 鲁放 Chiral Control of Carbon Dots via Surface Modification for Tuning the Enzymatic Activity of Glucose Oxidase ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces SCI 通讯作者 2021.1 9.229 Mengling Zhang 研究型论文 苏州大学 Q1
33 2021 鲁放 Carbon dots up-regulate heme oxygenase-1 expression towards the acute lung injury therapy
towards the acute lung injury therapy
Journal of Materials Chemistry B SCI 通讯作者 2021-10-14 6.331 Bo Wang, Peipei Liu, 研究型论文 苏州大学 Q2
34 2021 鲁放 Carbon dots with positive surface charge from tartaric acid and m-aminophenol for selective killing of Gram-positive bacteria.  Journal of Materials Chemistry B. SCI 共同第一作者 2021-1-25 6.331 Huibo Wang、 鲁放 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
35 2021 袁凯 Predicting Norovirus in the United States Using Google Trends: Infodemiology Study Journal of Medical Internet Research SCI 第一作者 2021-10-9 5.428 袁凯 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
36 2021 韩东燃 Efficacy and Safety of Tripterygium Glycoside in the Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Based on the Duration of Medication Front. Endocrinol. SCI 通讯作者 2021-5-11 5.555 Li YiZhen、Miao, Runpei 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
37 2021 韩东燃 A precision-preferred comprehensive information extraction system for clinical articles in Traditional Chinese Medicine The International Journal of Intellegent System SCI 通讯作者 2021-11-24 8.709 Xia, Ye 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
38 2021 韩东燃 Syndrome differentiation and treatment regularity in traditional Chinese Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes: A text mining analysis.  Frontiers in Endocrinology SCI 通讯作者 2021.12.23 5.555 Zhili Dou 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
39 2021 王建勋 Phenotypical changes of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in sepsis patients: Correlation with immune status? Frontiers in Pharmacology SCI 通讯作者 2021-2-16 5.81 Wang, Ping、 Jun Wang、Yi-hao Li 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
40 2021 史渊源 Elucidation of the Mechanism of Action of Ginseng Against Acute Lung Injury/Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome by a Network Pharmacology-Based Strategy Frontiers in Pharmacology SCI 通讯作者 2021.1.20 5.81 Ding, Qi、Wenxiang Zhu 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
41 2021 史渊源、李亚东 Tianlongkechuanling Inhibits Pulmonary Fibrosis Through Down-Regulation of Arginase-Ornithine Pathway Frontiers in Pharmacology SCI 通讯作者 2021.4.22 5.81 Zhang, Lili、Sihao Qu 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
42 2021 史渊源 Integrated systems pharmacology and surface plasmon resonance approaches to reveal the synergistic effect of multiple components of Gu-Ben-Ke-Chuan decoction on chronic bronchitis Journal of Inflammation Research SCI 通讯作者 2021.5.10 6.922 Luo, Zhiqiang、于国华、Wubin Wang 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
43 2021 郝钰  Uncovering the pharmacological mechanisms of Xijiao Dihuang decoction combined with Yinqiao powder in treating influenza viral pneumonia by an
integrative pharmacology strategy
Front Nutr SCI 通讯作者 2021.9.16 6.576 Rui Guo 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
44 2021 王婧筱 Distinct and Overlapping Roles of Hippo Effectors YAP and TAZ During Human and Mouse Hepatocarcinogenesis Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol SCI 共同第一作者 2021.2 9.225 Wang, Haichuan,王婧筱 研究型论文 四川大学 Q1
45 2021 张洁 3D microfluidic tumor models for biomimetic engineering of glioma niche and detection of cell morphology, migration and phenotype change Talanta SCI 通讯作者 2021.11.1 6.057 Lin, Ling 研究型论文 北京工商大学 Q1
46 2021 李森 Association study of genetic variants in calcium signaling-related genes with cardiovascular diseases Front Cell Dev Biol SCI 通讯作者、第一作者 2021.11.29 6.68 李森 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
47 2021 李森 Therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicine on cardiovascular diseases: the central role of calcium signaling Front Pharmacol SCI 通讯作者 2021.7.9 5.81 Li, Yuxin、Zhang Zhang 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
48 2021 郝钰  Uncovering the pharmacological mechanisms of Xijiao Dihuang decoction combined with Yinqiao powder in treating influenza viral pneumonia by an
integrative pharmacology strategy
 Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy SCI 通讯作者 2021.9 6.529 Guo, Rui 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
49 2021 史渊源 Integrated Systems Pharmacology and Surface
Plasmon Resonance Approaches to Reveal the
Synergistic Effect of Multiple Components of Gu-Ben Ke-Chuan Decoction on Chronic Bronchiti
Journal of Inflammation Research SCI 通讯作者 2021.4 6.923 Zhiqiang Luo、于国华、Wubin Wang 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
50 2021 于国华、史渊源 Mechanism of Paeoniae Radix Alba in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease based on sequential metabolites identification approach, network pharmacology and binding affinity measurement Frontiers in Nutrition SCI 通讯作者 2021.9.16 6.572 Luo, Zhiqiang 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
51 2021 续洁琨 Secoiridoid dimers and their biogenetic precursors from the fruits of Cornus officinalis with potential therapeutic effects on type 2 diabetes.  Bioorganic Chemistry SCI 通讯作者 2021.12 5.275 Peng, Zhong-Can 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q2
52 2021 续洁琨 Targeting the dysfunction of glutamate receptors for the development of novel antidepressants.  Pharmacology & Therapeutics SCI 通讯作者 2021.1 12.31 Xia, Cong-Yuan、Jun He 综述 中日友好医院 Q1
53 2021 徐安龙 Course monitoring of membranous nephropathy: Both autoantibodies and podocytes require multidimensional attention Autoimmunity Reviews SCI 通讯作者 2022.2 9.754 Liu, Wenbin,黄光瑞 综述 北中医生科院 Q1
54 2021 徐安龙 Degradation of WTAP blocks antiviral responses by reducing the m 6 A levels of IRF3 and IFNAR1 mRNA EMBO reports SCI 通讯作者 2021.11.4 8.807 Ge, Yong、Tao Ling  研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
55 2021 徐安龙 Two Amphioxus ApeC-Containing Proteins Bind to Microbes and Inhibit the TRAF6 Pathway Frontiers in immunology SCI 通讯作者 2021.7.30 7.561 Li, Jin 研究型论文 中山大学 Q1
56 2021 徐安龙 Integrated analyses of miRNA and mRNA profiles in leukocytes and serums in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)-defined Pi-qi-deficiency syndrome and Pi-wei damp-heat syndrome resulting from chronic atrophic gastritis Chinese Medicine SCI 通讯作者 2021.1.6 5.455 游雷鸣 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
57 2021 袁凯、黄光瑞 Predicting Norovirus in the United States Using Google Trends: Infodemiology Study.  J Med Internet Res. SCI 共同第一作者 2021.9.29 5.422 袁凯、黄光瑞、 Lepeng Wang 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
58 2021 李晓骄阳 Si-Wu-Tang ameliorates fibrotic liver injury via modulating intestinal microbiota and bile acid homeostasis Chinese Medicine SCI 通讯作者 2021.11.4 5.455 Xue, Xiaoyong、 Jianzhi Wu 、 Mingning Ding 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
59 2021 李晓骄阳  Ferulic Acid Ameliorates Hepatic Inflammation and Fibrotic Liver Injury by Inhibiting PTP1B Activity and Subsequent Promoting AMPK Phosphorylation Frontiers in Pharmacology SCI 通讯作者 2021.9.8 5.81 Wu, Jianzhi、 Xiaoyong Xue 研究型论文 北中医生科院 Q1
60 2021 李晓骄阳 Integrative lipidomic and transcriptomic study unravels the therapeutic effects of saikosaponins A and D on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease ACTA PHARMACEUTICA SINICA B SCI 共同第一作者 2021.11 11.413 李晓骄阳、Junde Ge 研究型论文 北中医 Q1